• S3000-VIS-HR

    Datasheet: S3000-VIS-HR.pdf

    » Introduction:

    S3000-VIS-HR is a miniature spectrometer configured with crossed Czerny-Turner optical bench. Free Software and Software Development Kit(SDK) is available for spectrum analysis in various applications.


    » Features:

    Wavelength Range: #A(400nm ~ 700nm) #B(500nm ~ 800nm) #C(600nm ~ 900nm) #D(700nm ~ 1000nm)

    Free Software(SpectraPro V3.2 + Spectra V2.0)

    Software Development Kit(SDK) for Windows / Linux

    RS232 Communication Protocol Support for embedded system

    High Spectral Resolution(FWHM)?from 0.2 nm


    » Applications:

    Laser Spectroscopy